Mood : Colors

Pantone has selected their new color for 2017. Introducing Greenery (shown here on a official Pantone mug. Because I'm guess someone buys these..anyywhooo...)

While I can't say green or any shade of it is my favorite color. Honestly it wouldn't even break top 5 colors of choice for me. But hey, Pantone is the official source of what's hot and what's not when it comes to color. 

To show off Greenery's versatility, they put together some cool color pairings to show that this color can be paired with a lot.  

Here are some palettes that stood out to me:

I think Moody Blooms and Rev It Up are 1 and 2 for me. Fathomless reminds me of cool beachy themes. I plan on keeping these colors in mind this coming spring as I buy new fabrics and put color combinations together. 

If the official authority on color says green is the color of the year, who am I to say different ;)